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ShivaRatna Palmistry Reading

ShivaRatna Palmistry Reading

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ShivaRatna Palmistry Reading will provide insight into your life using the Vedic astrological tradition of Hasta Samudrika Shastra. This palm reading system uses your hands to determine and reveal the colorful globes in the colorful areas of your palms that shape your life. Utilize this ancient practice to gain valuable knowledge about your destiny.

Palm Lines & Their Meanings

  1. Heart Line: Prosperity and hurdles in an individual’s love life can be assessed with the help of this particular line.

  2. Lifeline Line: You can find out your life expectancy rate and overall journey of life with a detailed analysis of this line.

  3. Health Line: You can assess your well beings and the ailments you encounter in life with the help of this line.

  4. Fate Line: This line works in accordance with your lifeline and provides information about your ability to cope up with various situations of life.

  5. Head Line: This line provides information about your wisdom and intellect.


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